The core of Timpson & George Wealth Management revolves around understanding what the client really wants ~ this means more than just knowing clients’ income requirements and risk tolerance.  We want to hear about what a client’s personal world looks like in good times and bad, according to their perspective, not ours.

We also know that investing to meet a client’s need involves risk.  While much effort is spent working with clients to grow their capital in a manner consistent with their risk tolerance and income requirements, an equal amount of time is spent managing risk. There is particular focus on avoiding “non-recoverable” losses that destroy long term investment results. 

Regarding portfolio management, Alex Timpson concentrates on a macro asset allocation strategy; Eric George emphasizes micro analysis of individual equities and debt instruments.  In addition to managing money on a discretionary basis, the team also utilizes an open architecture platform to access world class fund and separate account managers as well as outstanding independent research analysts. Alex and Eric have a combined 56 years of experience in the investment management business; the entire group totals over one hundred years.

The group works holistically with outside tax and legal advisors upon request.  For many clients, the outcome is a virtual family office that embraces the financial and investment challenges across generations.

Successful wealth management requires an abundance of experience, a “toolkit” of top notch resources, and a genuine concern for client satisfaction.  Timpson & George is fortunate to possess exemplary strength in all three of these areas. With these attributes, we believe we can positively and substantially effect our clients’ financial well being.

Timpson & George Wealth Management offers high net worth clients a full spectrum of investmetn related services:


  • Comprehensive Retirement Planning & Retirement Income Strategy
  • Customizing Client’s Risk/Reward Profile via Tactical Asset Allocation
  • Portfolio Management
  • Security Research & Economic Analysis
  • Legacy & Elder Care Planning Advice
  • Education and Tax Strategy
  • Charitable Solutions
  • Liability Management